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This fine bar piece has been in Holbrook for over 67 years.  It was shipped here by rail in the 1930's and used at the old Navajo Buffet on Central Ave.  In the 1970's, the Buffet's owners, the Smiths, bought the Empty Pockets on the hill.  At this time,  they moved it piece by piece to it's present location.  It has been at the Empty Pockets Saloon for over 35 years now.
Another view of this fine antique bar.  One of the friendly bartenders pictured is Eva.  She will probably kill me for posting her picture here.  "Hey, while you're down there Eva, could I have a Bud draft?"  Did I mention that you get a fresh, icy-cold mug with each and every draft beer?
Here is a close-up view of just a portion of the west side of the bar.
Another view of the east portion of this antique.
(Friends and regulars of the Empty Pockets-- from halfway around the globe).
"When ever you visit the most beautiful state of the US, you have to visit Holbrook's Empty Pockets Saloon!"

From left to right: Jo and Tiny Wasserman, Jos and Teun Bloemers.  From the Province of Limburg, the very south of the Netherlands.


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