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Fine Pool Tables
(Just ask Bill Baldwin  ;-)

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These are two of the best bar pool tables in town. Both have well maintained felt, cushions and are level.  At any time, there may be a 3-ball tournament with all the regulars,  or leagues take place during the winter and fall.  Mens leagues are on Thursday nights, womens are on Sunday night.  The Pockets has 3 teams, these include 2 mens and 1 womens.
Click HERE to visit NAPL....The Northern Arizona Pool League Website.
Another view with all the Western Art adorning the walls.  Rack 'em up!
Just one of the fine "pool sharks" that frequent the establishment.
Meet "Lucky" the Buffalo.  No he's not a drug addict.  Many patrons rub chalk on his nose for good luck when shooting pool.  How this tradition got started, I have no idea, but it's just part of the fun.
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