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Udder things...

Three former customers and some neat western artifacts.
The Pockets also has a big screen TV for those special sporting events.  Some of the favorites here are:  Suns games, Diamondback games, Cubs, ASU, U of A, Coyotes, Nascar, and some golfing.  I think there are more Cheesehead fans here than Cardinal's though.  ;-)  So, if you're in town, come relax and catch a game or two.  Did I mention that you get a fresh icy-cold mug with every draft beer?
So if you see this sign on the hill in Holbrook, pull over and say "Hello."  You'll enjoy your visit.  Tell them you saw it on the World Wide Web.

That about concludes our tour.  I hope you enjoyed the virtual visit, which by the way, doesn't compare to a live visit.  Check back often for updates and additions to this site.

If you wish to learn more about the rich, western history of Holbrook, I suggest a visit to the Historical Museum downtown.  During the summer nights there are also nightly Indian Dances there as well.  The Chamber of Commerce is located right next door to the museum and it also is chocked full of interesting tid-bits.

Click HERE for a detailed map to find the Museum, Chamber of Commerce, and of course, the Empty Pockets.

Click HERE to see what Holbrook's real claim to fame is (in my humble opinion).  Of course, I'm biased though.  To this day, Holbrook is the only witnessed meteorite fall in Arizona.